B.T.E. Recording a Remake of “Silent Mourning”

Almost 4 years after the first release, this morning Beyond The Existence shared on their Facebook page that a remake version of “Silent Mourning” Album is getting ready!
You didn’t expect that, did you?

All they have to say for now is that this new version will have
No keyboards, updated riffs, and updated vocals
From the album cover to the records, the album will be a “How it was supposed to be from the beginning”

Also, the band shared the tracklist of the new album:

– A New Path (Intro)
– A Forsaken Embrace
– Silent Mourning
– Decayed Statue
– Antares
– Innocence’s Chamber
– Lifestream
– Last Damaged Inhale
– The Shepherd

More info, and Release date SOON

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