Coldbound “The Gale” – New Album Review

Couldbound, a band that recently started to pop up in front of me wherever I happen to look at. They had, as of lately, uploaded a couple of singles from their upcoming album, “The Gale”, and something picked my curiosity, meaning that I now had to listen to them. However, every time I come across a new band, I always firstly check what the bands releases’ artworks are like, already released material and whatever I may come across that shows the band’s identity. By listening to some of their previous releases one can easily conclude that Coldbound is an act that is musically mature and well bound together. With the artwork of the new album raising the stakes even more, I’m ready to listen to the whole thing.

After I got a first taste, I’m ready to put the cd in my laptop. First minutes in the album and I have to say that the intro, although being more mid tempo and melodic, certainly sends chills down your spine. And out of the blue, here come the high speed double kicks and heavy and aggressive guitars but at the same time sounding crystal clear; I’m already moving my head to the beat.

As the time passed, I realized that I have been almost mesmerized by the music and have completely forgotten about writing the review. The groovy tempos, the guitar melodies and the punchy vocals blend together perfectly, creating a dark atmosphere, that personally left me speechless. And as the album progresses, these elements become more and more apparent.

Production wise, the album is great, which helps the melodic aspects to shine through. The order of the tracks is especially clever, giving the album a certain tightness and making it pleasant to go through. I’m not going to try and compare them to other bands that they reminded me of, as it was a unique and personal experience for me.

Impressions after the album ended? I just pressed the repeat button again and again. It has been some time since a release intrigued me in such a unique way and I had to re-pay my respects.

Personal conclusion; a truly mature and coordinated band. They surely know what it is the want and their music clearly shows that. I will await future releases of Coldbound and I hope I will have the chance for a live meeting.


By Teo Kakouris.